No required at all!. VPhish is crafted in a way that even non-technical staffs of an organisation can easily execute the campaign in just few clicks
You need not search at all! VPhish comes with 100+ pre-built scenario library, created by a team of security analysts from the Threat Intelligence team. You can simply choose from them, customise it and execute!
If you have already selected your Scenario and Landing page, it hardly takes 2 minutes to execute a campaign!
Not at all! While purchasing VPhish, the users gets the access to the pool of pre-built landing pages which can also be customised by the user itself
VPhish has an in-built editor which allows users to create the Awareness Material/Landing pages
Not necessary. You can create the campaign and execute it step by step. VPhish saves the progress and the final execution can be done later too
Absolutely not. Once you schedule the campaign and log out, VPhish will execute it time-accurately, which helps in time management of your IT admins! However, you should be connected to the internet.
VPhish never captures any data that user enters during the campaign – not even the Admin can view. Hence, there no need to panic regarding Data Loss
Yes, the VPhish related domains that would be mentioned in the business agreement should be whitelisted by the customer through their firewall and other detection infrastructure. An SLA with VPhish team ensures secured communication through these domains and IP addresses
The index helps to understand how vulnerable the employees of the organisation are, based on the overall campaign report. The admin can execute frequent campaigns based on the report, to ensure the index is green!!
This shall be configured by VPhish admin team based on the SLA
VPhish secures all its application communication with 256 bit SSL encryption and no details are sent in clear text
Certainly! VPhish allows you to send a Test Email to one user before actual execution of the campaign. However, this will not be counted in the Campaign Report
VPhish intends to identify the gullible employee(s) of an organisation and helps to create awareness regarding such Cyberattacks. An employee who is cyber-aware, will be able to alert organisation regarding real-time phishing attacks. VPhish Reporter is an Outlook plugin, which allows employees to report the IT Admin of their organisation, if they find any suspicious email
We are concerned about your privacy too! VPhish will not get any email copies reported by the employee.